Big News

Matching Grant Keeps Us Trucking!

We have received a $12,000 matching grant to buy a moving truck! This gets us halfway to our goal. Please contribute to our crowdfunding campaign and check out the amazing perks that could be yours. (Check back often for new perks) Donate today!

Our next Plant Exchange will be Saturday, Oct. 21st from 12pm – 4pm. Thank you to those who joined us in March. With over 1,050 guests it was our biggest and best exchange to date.

Note: No dogs allowed. For the safety of our participants and your pet we ask you leave them home. Service animals must wear an identifying vest.

The Plant Exchange is a free semi-annual community event in Oakland, CA which encourages reuse, recycling, organic living, resource sharing, and information exchange. Neighbors, gardeners, landscapers, urban farmers, and outdoor fans come from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about the event!

Exciting Updates

  • 2017 is our 10-Year Anniversary!
  • Stay involved between events, join a team!
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