Volunteering At The Event

Accessories Table Station

Accessories_YulianaTaylorAccessories Table volunteers are used throughout the event to keep tables fully stocked, neatly arranged, and organized by type.

  • Receive accessories from the “runners.”
  • Always keep tables stocked. Rotate and move those items in the back forward.
  • Organize accessories so that like items are always together.


Break-down volunteers close down the event ensuring the space is returned to its original clean appearance.

  • Clean and return tables, supplies, and canopies to storage.
  • Collect and put away traffic cones.
  • Disassemble signs.
  • Fill recycle and compost bins.

Drop-Off Area

22829380_1548946381849261_1254634489476801612_oDrop-off volunteers help process event day donations and ensure that these donors are properly recognized.

  • Help people unload vehicles.
  • Give them a sticker to show that they have donated.
  • Confirm that the plants all have labels.
  • Give unlabeled plants to runners for the quality control team.
  • Send runners to the accessories area with pots, tools, books, etc.

Exit and Pick Up

Exit_YulianaTaylorExit volunteers ensure guests leave with good memories of the event and feel encouraged to participate again.

  • Thank people for participating.
  • Remind people that they are welcome to drive to the pick up area where volunteers will help load.
  • Invite them to add their name to the mailing list.
  • Ask how they heard about this event.
  • Solicit suggestions for improvement or comments.
  • Happily accept financial donations.


Volunteers_ChristyFloaters go where needed and have a birds eye view of the flow of the day. They pitch in where needed and are continually on the move. Floaters watch out for:

  • Backups/congestion at the various sites like traffic, labeling table, welcome area.
  • Plant tables that need to be rearranged or moved.
  • People who are having trouble or need assistance.
  • Occasions when the drop off area needs more runners/unloaders. Step in to help.
  • Times when the hold area needs help with loading cars.
  • When someone needs a break.

Hold Area

Hold_YulianaTaylorParticipants leave can their selections and continue to enjoy the day. When they are ready to leave they retrieve their plants by their ticket.

  • Runners help them load their vehicle.
  • Ask them if they would like to make a donation.
  • Ask them to sign up  to volunteer or be placed on the mailing list.
  • Ensure that no one accidentally shops from the hold area.

Info table

Tell them:

  • About the exchange and answer questions.
  • That there is a hold area for their selections while they shop.
  • That there are master gardeners to answer their questions and provide resources
  • There is a bathroom available and point it out on the map.
  • About signing up to be on a team and the mailing list.

Photographers and Videographers

DSC_7757Talented photographers and videographers with a creative eye and passion for storytelling are wanted to document our event.

Creatives must have their own equipment and be able to edit the footage before delivery.

Plant Table Station

Plant Table volunteers are used throughout the event to keep plant tables fully stocked, neatly arranged, and organized by type.

  • Receive plants from the “runners.” Always keep tables stocked.
  • Keep the plants rotating and move those in the back forward.
  • Present plants by unwrapping those in bags and setting them upright into empty pots.

Guest Interviewers


  • Do you like talking to people?
  • Are you friendly and like asking questions?
  • Enjoy interacting with a wide range of people?

Guest Interviewers will talk with with participants to help us discover the demographic makeup of our participants, what motivates them, what additional services we can provide and ways we can improve.

Quality Control

Plants are correctly identified and labeled by Plant ID volunteers before distribution to plant tables. Volunteers are also needed at this station to take dictation from master gardeners for plant labels.

  • Identify plant donations and make labels.
  • Consult with master gardeners when needed.
  • Determine which the sections plants should go into: easy grow, more challenging, succulents, indoor, etc.
  • Send runners to tables with labeled plants.


22770659_1546352625441970_691183619933825459_oRunners keep the exchange tables stocked by moving donations from the drop-off area to Plant ID and then out to the exchange floor.

  • Take plants from drop-off area to the tables or to the hold area.
  • Transport plants to the plant ID area.
  • Unload vehicles.
  • Help load when people are ready to leave.


There are now two set-up times: the day before 4-7pm, and the morning of for what’s left. During this time volunteers:

  • Set up tables, including signs.
  • Put out accessories and plants.
  • Assemble canopies, temporary fencing, and the lounge area.

Silent Auction

SilentAuction_YulianaTaylorThe silent auctions is another fundraising opportunity for the Plant Exchange and a fun way for guests to purchase high quality items at a fraction of the cost. In order to participate, guests must register and be present to pick up their item.  Volunteers:

  • Answer questions and describe items.
  • Help bidders register.

The “Store”

2016march10The store provides a way to raise funds to defray costs. This is where composters can get worms and other supplies. We are not really a store: all the items have a suggested donation amount.

  • Answer questions.
  • Keep inventory stocked.
  • Wrap “purchases”.
  • Help sell raffle tickets.

Traffic Control

IMG_3804Traffic control is one of the most important functions at the event. It is imperative that street traffic is not disrupted by our event.

  • Flag people forward to empty spaces.
  • Have people move their cars after unloading so no one waits in the drop-off area.
  • Give a sticker to indicate that they have made a donation.
  • Direct them to welcome area/entrance to exchange.
  • Be sure that people stay safe.
  • Collect parking fee.

Welcome Area

Mar2017_28Welcome volunteers help keep the incoming flow of guests moving smoothly by orienting people to the event layout and answering questions.

  • Greet people and hand out entrance stickers.
  • Count everyone coming in.
  • Direct people to the drop off area if they have items to donate.
  • Send arriving volunteers to their special check-in area to receive their assignments and name badges.
  • Ask: How did you hear about this? Keep a record of their answers.

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