What We Take

We take plants of all types and sizes. Click here for a list of what comes in.

  • Large trees and shrubs
  • Outdoor plants of all kinds
  • House plants
  • Bulbs and seeds
  • Edibles – herbs, vegetables
  • Extra fruit – oranges, lemons – anything with a peel.

Plants Frequently Donated. Please note that this is only partial list, but we almost always get some of all of these.  We also receive unusual and interesting plants throughout the day.

  • roses – all colors
  • dusty miller – artemesia
  • geraniums – different colors
  • asparagus ferns
  • sword ferns
  • lavender
  • plectranthus
  • flowering annuals – wide selection
  • ground cover
  • orchids
  • basil – various types
  • pelargonium
  • jade plants
  • banana trees
  • cactus – various sizes and varieties. Many are quite large.
  • wild grasses
  • day lilies
  • calla lillies
  • cannas
  • giant ferns
  • chrysanthemums
  • succulents – many varieties
  • spider plants.
  • small trees

If you see your donation on this list, don’t be concerned about duplication. There are many varieties and colors of the same plants. Bring yours along.

accessories-picturesFor our Accessories Section we also take:

  • BBQ and fire pits
  • Compost and compost bins
  • Gardening tools and supplies
  • Yard art and mobiles
  • Decorative pots of all sizes
  • Plastic nursery pots larger than 1 gallon
  • Stepping stones
  • Trellises
  • Fountains
  • Driftwood
  • Stakes
  • Pond supplies
  • Weed whackers and lawn mowers
  • Books and magazines on gardening
  • Landscape accents
  • Lawn and deck furniture
  • Lights and irrigation equipment

About Livestock

  • We do take goldfish and Koi
  • Compost worms

With these living creatures we ask that you bring them on the day of the event so that they survive and have the chance to thrive in their new homes.

No time to repot donations? Bags and newspaper will do.