How It Works

Stay as long as you like. Bring some and take some. It is easy and fun.  People are very friendly and we have volunteers throughout to help you.  And it is all free.

Note: No dogs allowed. We love dogs! But for the safety of our participants and your pet we ask you leave them home. Service animals must wear an identifying vest.

Step 1. Review what we take and use our labels to mark your plant donations, pack up, and come to the exchange. Not sure what you have? Once there…

22792460_1549206178489948_3835629842251370670_oStep 2. If you need to unload your vehicle:
Drive in the Ability Driveway and pull forward to the drop-off area. If there is a wait, please pull over to the left. At the drop-off area we will help you unload and give you a sticker(s) to indicate that you have donated.

Step 3. Park your car in the Greek Orthodox Church’s parking structure, just uphill, and return to the event. Inside the gate, please stay in the pedestrian area to the right of the vehicular traffic. If you’re hand-carrying your donations, drop them off at the Welcome table.

If you’ve brought a cart, check it at Welcome and retrieve it in the hold area when you are ready to leave.

Step 4. Go through the tables and select whatever items interest you. If you have more than you can carry, leave your items in the Hold Area while you continue browsing. Get some coffee, get some lunch, visit our silent auction. Don’t forget to check out the area for other garden items such as furniture, tools, and books.

22769718_1546352268775339_6093595262736488578_oStep 5. If you have any questions, go to the Advice Area where you can talk with Master Gardeners who are happy to answer your questions and offer advice.

Step 6. When you are ready to leave, tell the people in the Hold Area, who will move your stuff to the Pick-Up area while you go get your car. Drive up to the Pick-Up area. Runners will help you load your car. Remember your cart, if you brought one.

REMINDER:  Please label your plants before you come!  Go here for a label that you can use to ID your plants.  This is a huge benefit for the person taking the plant.  If you do not know what type it is, don’t worry, we have master gardeners who can help with identification.

Bring bags or boxes to make selection and transport of your new plants easier.

We start accepting plant donations 2 weeks before the event.

Give yourself some extra time to sit and enjoy the day and your fellow garden-lovers. There is a store where you can get water and light snacks. We do ask for a donation for these items.

We happily accept monetary and in-kind donations of assistance to help cover the costs of permits, insurance, printing, and supplies.