Thank you to our industry donation partners!

FullTruck1We started with an idea and a passion for community. The idea was to help neighbors get to know each other better, support stronger neighborhoods, and keep useable greenery and greenhouse/gardening items out of landfills.

Now in our 11th year, we create strong neighborhood connections by people-to-people redistribution of green materials back into the community. In addition to our premier plant exchange, we also host community workdays, a monthly urban gardening speaker series, and partner with the horticulture industry to take in donations.

FullTruck2We also partner with large trade shows, conferences, and corporate office moves and restructures to rehome plants that are no longer needed. Some recent partnerships include the Alameda Home and Garden Show, Dreamforce, and Charles Schwab & Co. By partnering with these environmentally conscious companies, we were able to rescue and rehome hundreds of plants and give them a new life within our own community.

Interested in having your company or event participate? Contact us at or (510) 866-8482. We can accommodate garden and plant donations of all types and sizes any time during the year.

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