Growing Edibles and the Healthy Soil Connection, Sat. April 8th

SpeakerSeries-April8-AdvertApril is a great time to add annual or perennial edibles to your garden! Lori Caldwell will be joining us for Growing Edibles and the Healthy Soil Connection, a hands-on talk about the many benefits of growing your own food and the healthy soil building techniques to increase yields, keep down pests and diseases and use less water. Topics for this talk will include: rebuilding soils, great crops for your area, pest control, crop rotation and more! Participants will receive a handy edible reader for reference.

Lori Caldwell is a Master Composter, Stopwaste Educator and owner/operator of her own business, CompostGal: Consulting, Landscaping & Education. She has been happily teaching sustainable gardening classes for the past 10 years.

Tickets are $10 online or $12 at the door. Interested in volunteering? Email for more information.

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