Amazing Things are Growing – Join us!

The Plant Exchange team is working hard this summer to ensure that everyone’s garden thrives. Bringing you amazing plants donated by commercial suppliers, landscapers, and sourced from people just like you, we’re excited to be able to create community events filled with lots of greenery, food, and fun. Won’t you be a part of the magic?

Right now, we need your help. Your tax-deductible gift of any amount will help us focus on what matters most–connecting people, plants, and community!

$25 – Count me in!
Your gift will go toward the purchase of the basics: plastic folding tables and rolling carts for example, that we use at all our Plant Exchanges.

$75 – I’m ready to go green!
This helps cover plant donation pick-ups and deliveries around the Bay Area.

$150 – Yes, I’ll up the ante!
Your donation will fund supplies and equipment for growing, tending, and propagating plants – supporting the work we do daily.

$250 – My garden welcomes everyone! 
Purchasing a greenhouse will provide hundreds more plants in support of our efforts to build neighborhoods as they become more healthy vibrant and sustainable.​

Surprise us – Give whatever amount you are comfortable with!

Click here to donate today!

Thank you for your generous support – there is no Plant Exchange without you!
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