About The Event

The Plant Exchange is a twice-a-year free community event that began in Oakland, California in October 2007 as a way for our neighbors to get to know each other. It also encourages reuse, recycling, organic living, resource sharing, and information exchange. This event rapidly grew to include gardeners, landscapers, urban farmers, and outdoor fans from all 9 Bay Area counties.  We receive plants of all types and sizes. We also have an area for tools and other garden related items and happily accept yard art, mulch, goldfish, books, equipment, compost bins, and lawn furniture.  We have master gardeners to answer questions and plant specialists to help identify donations. And, it is all free to everyone.

This one-day event is held every March and October and is the premier plant exchange in California. Hundreds of people come for each event and over 2500 plants change hands.

We have a NEW location!

After 7 years we have outgrown the Lakeshore location.  And the yards of the neighbors on either side.  To ease congestion, improve access and offer more amenities we need to move.

The Plant Exchange is relocating to the block-long front yard of the First Presbyterian Church at the corner of 27th and Broadway.  Just one freeway exit away from our old digs. There is plenty of free parking – in their lot as well as on the street.

Everything is the same – March and October are the months for the exchange and it is still free of course.

Look for more tables, more offerings, more expert advice.  Tell your friends and see you again in March.

Questions, comments, ideas? Want to help? (510) 866-8482 or theplantexchange@yahoo.com

We look forward to seeing you!